Meet Tracey & Ian

“Welcome to Panshill Leisure, Luxury Accommodation. Our own, home from home. We would be delighted to welcome you to stay with us.”

Tracey & Ian Adamberry have owned Panshill Leisure accommodation for 13 years. Ian was contracted to complete work on the property including digging a small lake. Since they have owned and developed Panshill Accommodation Ian has dug 4 more small lakes which contain primarily carp. Day Ticket fishing is currently available for guests to enjoy during their stay.

Ian has been the primary builder of each accommodation building and takes much pride in his work. Much of the property has been created with salvaged (and extremely unique) elements like wood flooring from a 17th century Chapel that him and Tracey once owned and also renovated.

Tracey, once a care-home worker now takes pride in caring for the business in every way. From decorating rooms to handling bookings and business management. You can see and feel Tracey’s passion throughout every aspect of the company.
Both Tracey & Ian have devoted themselves to what is truly a one of a kind “overnight-stay”- experience.

The surrounding area has an abundance of interesting activities and hobbies to fulfill all travellers needs… From outlet shopping at Bicester Village, to past time hobbies like golf, to dining in Michelin star restaurants at The local ‘pub’ The Nut Tree Inn, there is something for everyone.
Tracey and Ian ran this business while their family grew up enjoying the property and helping create what it is today. A stunning property with a uniqueness all to its own.

Please search our website to find which accommodation suits your needs, or email us for specific enquiries, we are happy to help. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Tracey & Ian Adamberry

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